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Team History

The Yellow Jackets formed in March of 2013 to practice and compete in three position (3P) target shooting. Our first competition in May of 2013 was a huge success as we brought home 4 medals! We welcome new team members at any time!

                    The Team at 2013 provincials in Parksville, BC.

Welcome to the Yellow Jackets Home Page

We are the Powell River Rod and Gun Club's Competitive 22 Rifle team. We try to teach and have fun as we prepare to compete.

How Do I Join?

Any member of the Powell River Rod and Gun Club can join the team. There is no try out process simply fill out our membership form.

What does it cost?

We charge $50 a year for targets. Of course if you travel for competitions you are expect to cover your own expenses but that is optional. You must also supply your own ammunition. Which costs from $3.00 a box and up. It is highly recommend for target shooting you spend a bit more on ammunition. A good target ammunition is about $5.00 to $7.00 a box and you will shoot about one box a practice.

Do I need a Licence (PAL) to Join?

No, but people that are shooting without a Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL) must be under the DIRECT supervision of someone that does have a PAL. Our range officers all have a PAL and will provide appropriate supervision.

Do I need a special rifle?

No, not at first. The Club has seven 22 LR rifles with target sights that can be used at practices. That said, like any sport you will eventually want your own rifle. A good target rifle starts at about $500 and goes up to thousands for a high level competition rifle.

Does the Club Sell Ammo?

No, we do not sell ammo. If you don't have a PAL we can make arrangements for you to have ammunition during a practice.

How often do you practice?

Most every Thursday 6:30 PM, indoor in the winter and outdoors as weather permits. Check the club calendar for times and schedule changes.

Will I need any other equipment?

We have most everything you need to get started. As you progress you will probably want a spotting scope, prone matt and a shooting glove. If you become a serious Match Rifle shooter you will also want a shooting jacket, sling, kneeling roll etc. But on day one you can just show up and shoot. You will learn about equipment as you go along in your training.

What if I have never shot before?

No problem, we have trained new shooters as young as 12 years old.

Can I bring my Kids along to learn?

Yes, we have lots of family's shooting and learning together. We have no official age limit but 12 years old seems to be a good age at which to join the team. Younger shooters are welcome but we would expect their parents to stay and supervise them on the firing line.

What kind of shooting do you do?

We focus on 3 position shooting i.e. Prone, Kneeling and Standing. Indoors we shoot at 20M and outdoors at 50M. A new shooter is moved through the positions at their own pace. We try to have our team members master the very basic skills of sight picture, trigger control etc. in the prone position and then introduce the others as their confidence grows. Each team member will get coaching appropriate to their skill as well as interest and dedication.