Powell River Rod

& Gun Club


Do I need a reservation to use the range facilities?

No, members may use the club’s outdoor facilities during regular hours without a reservation. When multiple parties are using any of our facilities please be extra safety-cautious and courteous. One person (by mutual agreement) must become the ad hoc Range Master and control the flags, the handling of firearms, the changing of targets etc., if more than one user is present at any and all of the range’s facilities. Participants in club events and previously scheduled club practices always have priority over drop-in shooters who will not be permitted to interrupt these organized events.

Do I need a Licence (PAL or RPAL) to shoot?

No, but any person who wishes to shoot on the club range without a Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL) must be under the DIRECT supervision of someone that does have a current PAL or RPAL.

How much does it Cost?

Family (spouse and children living with you under 19 years old) $100:00, Adult (19 to 65 years) $80:00, Senior (65 or older) $55:00, Junior (under 19 ) $30:00
Memberships can be purchased from Marine Traders or Powell River Outdoors.
Memberships last from January 1 through December 31 and include liability insurance with BCWF for most hunting and fishing activities.

Does the Club Rent Firearms?

No, but we do have Seven 22 LR rifles with adjustable open target sights that can be used by members and their guests at club events such as the Wednesday night 22 rifle shoot or for introductory programs like the Jr. Shoot.

Does the Club Sell Ammunition?


Is the Range Open to the Public?

No. You must be a member of the club (or an escorted guest) to shoot at this range.