Powell River Rod

& Gun Club

Welcome to the 22 Rifle Section

The 22 Rifle Section is a an informal hunters shoot intended to provide an opportunity for rifle shooters to practice and enjoy a bit of good
natured competition. The shooting is intended for hunters and target shooters.  Hunters get a chance to practice with the inexpensive 22 rifle and ammunition and the target shooter can practice with different targets than used in formal competition.  Beginners and experience shooters are all together as it is not a formal competition. We welcome all members of the club to come out, practice and test their skill to win bragging rights.

How Do I Join?

Any member of the Powell River Rod and Gun Club can join us Wednesday for the 22 shoot.

What does it cost?

We charge $3 an evening for targets. You must also supply your own ammunition. Which costs from $3.00 a box and up.  A good target ammunition is about $5.00 to $7.00 a box and you will shoot about one box a night.

Do I need a Licence (PAL) to Join?

No, but people that are shooting without a Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL) must be under the DIRECT supervision of someone that does have a PAL. Our range officers all have a PAL and will provide appropriate supervision.

Do I need a special rifle?

No, not at first. The Club has seven 22 LR rifles with target sights that can be used at practices. That said, like any sport you will eventually want
your own rifle. A good target rifle starts at about $500 and goes up to thousands for a high level competition rifle.  A good sporting rifle starts at about $300.

Does the Club Sell Ammo?

No, we do not sell ammo. If you don't have a PAL we can make arrangements for you to have ammunition.

How often do you shoot?

Most every Wednesday at 6:30 PM, indoor in the winter and outdoors as weather permits. Check the club calendar for times and schedule changes. On club meeting nights (first Wednesday of the month) shooting starts at 7:00 PM.

Will I need any other equipment?

We have most everything you need to get started including hearing protection and prone mats. As you progress you will probably want a sling or a spotting scope but on day one you can just show up and shoot.

What if I have never shot before?

No problem, we have trained new shooters as young as 12 years old. It would be best to come and observe your first night and explain that you have never shot before. Extra time is needed to ensure safe handling of firearms and to explain the range rules.  Also, plans would be made to have an experienced person be with you when you are shooting.

Can I bring my Kids along to learn?

Yes, we have lots of family's shooting and learning together. We have no official age limit but 12 years old seems to be a good age at which to bring
your children out to try. Younger shooters are welcome but we would expect their parents to stay and supervise them on the firing line.

What kind of shooting do you do?

We run an informal (and friendly) shoot. On a typical Wednesday we will shoot 2 and sometimes 3 relays. Each relay is in a different position:
Prone, Kneeling, sitting and Standing indoors at 20 yards. Outdoors we shoot at 50 yards (bench no rest, sitting, leaning and standing). You are not required to shoot any particular position.  If a position is awkward for you than any of the other 3 positions can be shot more than once.
If you are new to shooting you typically will start you out in the prone position (indoor range) or off the bench (outdoor range) shooting off sand bags. You will probalbly want to join in the other positions as your skills improve.